Overcoming Fear of Vomiting Phobia: Emetophobia Detailed Guide in 2021

Fear of vomiting phobia causes, symptoms and treatment

Today, In this article we are gonna talk about emetophobia. Do we even know about it, and the most important question is what is required if we don’t know about it. Those who are not aware of emetophobia are fear of vomiting or fear of becoming sick, People are becoming so anxious about sickness and they may even not be outside of their home. We have seen in our other articles people have fear of germs and they are fearful of coming in contact with dirty objects. 

What is Emetophobia?

Emetophobia is the extreme fear of vomiting which falls under the DSM-V manual under the category of specific phobia. Emetophobia is not a severe concern for any of the sufferers but it can cause severe concerns for the people around there. 

People who struggle with emetophobia cannot leave their houses because they don’t want to become sick. Covid Situation has increased the psyche of the human being of eating outside and being in touch with the CoronaVirus. 

Fear of vomiting also affects pregnant women a lot. They are fearful of the vomiting due to which they are not ready to reproduce a child and hence it may concern relationship issues between the romantic partner. 

Fear of Vomiting Phobia or Emetophobia Symptoms

Fear of Vomiting phobia effects much larger audience than we think about it: 

  • Not escape the room in case of dizziness and small gastric issues 
  • Anxiety in thinking about the health issues 
  • Anxious when other people vomits 
  • Avoidance of restaurant or doing things or going places that could result in vomit – doctor’s office, boat, restaurant, new places o where the location of the bathroom is uncertain. 
  • Feeling of Nausea 
  • Obsessed and hypervigilant 
  • Compulsive behavior (hand washing) 

Fear of Vomiting Phobia Causes 

People developed emetophobia from the traumatic events in which someone is sick. Usually children develop the phobia of sickness when they excessively eat candies and suffer with lots of health issues. 

  • Scary thoughts which eventually becomes obsession 
  • Motion sickness 
  • Stomach Bug 
  • Food poisoning 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Excessive drinking 
  • Food intolerance 
  • Anxiety 

Emetophobia Treatment / How to Cure Fear of Vomiting 

According to the ken Goodman, who is anxiety and OCD specialist and been featured in the one of the best mental health audio program in USA “The Anxiety Solution Series” 

He suggests that the simplest method to get rid of water phobia is to take a help of a swimming expert and dig down into the water and face your fear as soon as you can. 

Emetophobic person needs to deal with two component, one is physical sensation and inner thoughts 

  1. Kenn Goodman recomments Relaxation breathing to get rid of your fear of throwing up. In the relaxation breathing you have to put your one hand on your stomach and other hand on chest, while you breathe your chest must come outside 
relaxation exercises for the help of emetophobia

Relaxation breathing is quiet, silent, slow, with the abdomen and from the nose while anxious breathing is from the mouth and chest. Make sure when you breathe anxiously practice relaxation breathing. 

  1. Relaxation exercise is the second treatment option for fear of throwing up, Remember if you want to be a calm person you have to practice being calm. Listening to classical music is one of the most important relaxation exercises, listening to the sound of the rain, listening to the sound of waterfall calms our mind. 

How to overcome Emetophobia? Or How can I cure my fear of vomiting? 

Here is the 6 Relaxation exercise you can practice immediately:

  • Progressive Muscle 
  • Guided Imaginary 
  • Autogenic 
  • Yoga 
  • Meditation 
  • Mindfulness 
  1. Shift your perspective is another treatment option you can apply right away. If you are constantly protecting yourself, you are playing defense. To win a certain phobia To win you must Go on Offense 
  • One brave step at a time
  • Offensive mindset ( play to win- “bring it on”) 
  • Clever and persistent ( never give up) 
  • Patience  
  1. Take small, brave, clever steps towards discomfort and uncertainty, moving into your opponent’s territory, until you WIN
    • Look at a cartoon of a person vomiting 
    • Look at a photo of real person vomiting 
    • Listen to a video of a person vomiting 
    • Watch a video of a person vomiting with the Sound off 
Treatment for fear of vomiting

5. Cognitive Behaviour therapy is one of the most pervasive options to treat your excessive fear of vomiting. CBT helps you to change your negative feeling and hence you overcome it. 

Are You Afraid of Vomiting phobia?

Vomiting phobia is the irrational fear of vomit. Fear of vomiting phobia is really pervasive. If we talk about other phobias like claustrophobia which is a fear of closed spaces like elevators or fear of snakes. In those situations, people only get anxious when kept in a fearful situation but Emetophobia consumes a person right from the morning to the time of sleep. 

Emetophobia Severity Scale

emetophobia severity scale

Emetophobia occurs with the severity of the triggers. Firstly you get external triggers, once you get triggers you start to get worried and worry gets converted into anxiety and feeling nausea. When you feel nauseous your brain sends you adrenal gland and you start creating panic attacks and eventually becomes more worried then you try to avoid and your anxiety reduces 

  • Emetophobia usually comes out of some trigger. A emetophobic person is anxious about the vomiting scene in the movie and this movie scene triggers when her husband touches her stomach. 
  • While some people get triggered when some relative tells they are sick. 
  • Some people feeling triggered by even a sip of drink and while others feels triggered by other people drinking 
triggers of emetophobia ( fear of vomiting)

Emetophobia Meaning In Hindi

Emetophobia is “उल्टी का डर. एमेटोफोबिया उल्टी का डर है और आम तौर पर, जो लोग बीमारी और उल्टी के बारे में सोचते हैं, वे एमेटोफोबिया से पीड़ित होते हैं। 

Why Am I So Scared of Vomiting? 

Anxiety tricks an emetophobic person. Just because you are nauseous that doesn’t mean you are sick or you are having food poisoning. But you are nauseous because of the anxiety and adrenaline. 

So people are fooling their brain for anxiety and make them believe they are sick. 

What is the fear of vomiting called?

Fear of vomiting phobia is called Emetophobia. People with emetophobia don’t even want to vomit at all. So they are typical in nature. People with emetophobia are afraid a lot: 

  • They are not sure when it will happen 
  • Not sure how long it will last 
  • The Sensation: sound, taste, how it feels, and what it looks like
  • Embarrassment 
  • Choking 
  • Seeing others vomiting or being others vomit

Can I Miss My Diagnosis of Vomiting Phobia? 

Some people misdiagnosed their vomiting phobia. 

  • Let’s take an example of a child, a child is not having breakfast in the school and not ready to eat outside that may lead to anorexia nervosa not vomiting phobia. 
  • You are having a panic attack because you are going to go out somewhere and you’re feeling so anxious you might have panic disorder. 
  • While people with social phobia feel difficulty in conversing with others and they worry about embarrassment because they are not open to socialize with strangers. 

Emetophobia quiz

This is an informational blog to get to know about different fears and phobias and gather the most detailed information for all fears and phobias. There are several websites you can try on to test your emetophobia severity scale. 

These tests are not accurate, although I recommend you to visit a counselor to test your reason for anxiety. Inbetween you can visit these websites to perform quizzes. 

Emetophobia questionnaire/  Fear of Vomiting Questionnaire 

Emetophobia is the specific phobia of vomiting and you can fill an online questionnaire to test yourself with fear of throwing up. 

The problem with the questionnaire is that you can not interpret the results and there is no guarantee with the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. Reliability and validity has been the most important norm with a questionnaire. 

That’s why I advise you to go to some expert to check on it. 

Here are the resources for questionnaire for fear of vomiting 

1. http://www.fbanken.se/files/264/EmetQ_13_english.pdf

2. https://scales.arabpsychology.com/s/emetophobia-questionnaire-emetq/




6. https://adaa.org/sites/default/files/Millen_405.pdf


Real Life Story of Emetophobic Person 

We have taken this story from ADAA blog,  

Hi I’m 16 and have severe vomit phobia. I started to feel sick every day 10 months ago, bvyt have always had the phobia. I always avoid social situations and even sleep with the bucket by my bed in case I am sick in the night. I feel sick everyday and think I may be sick. This phobia has messed my life up as I had to do exams with it and I probably failed because of it. It has made my friendships more complicated and my family don’t understand. 

My mum wants me to get a job and I’ve told her how much I struggle to go from day to day life but she doesn’t understand. I wish this phobia would go just away. Doctors have done so many tests but nothing has come back as an illness. I do have CBT which helps a bit but not a lot. Mum believes I am throwing my life away but it’s not me it’s my anxiety and my phobia. 

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