Fear Of Snake Phobia: How do you get rid of Ophidiophobia?

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Are you fearful of snakes which is the second most popular animal phobia in the world?

Fear of snakes is the most frequent phobia of reptiles in the world. Humans have different phobias related to reptiles but fear of snakes i.e Ophidiophobia or Ophiophobia.  People with Ophidiophobia or Ophiophobia have difficulty managing everyday life balance. An individual may confuse with the normal fear of a snake because the snake is a poisonous reptile and he may give you seriously hurt. Sometimes people not able to distinguish between normal fear or phobia of snakes. 

There is a normal fear of reptiles but if the person feels consistent anxiety from thoughts of snake, dreams of the snake then it comes under common phobia.  We design a complete guide for you that would help you distinguish you have a phobia of snakes.

What is the Psychology of Fear of Snakes (Ophidiophobia)?

Ophidiophobia is the irrational fear of snakes which has capture 1/3 rd of human lives all over the world which makes itself the most frequent phobia among the list of phobia. An individual may confuse themselves with the fear of snakes and phobia of snakes. An ophidiophobic will develop anxiety when they exposed to even listen to snakes from another person and irrational danger may present anytime with an ophiophobic person. 

Researchers have believed that the phobia of snakes or fear of snakes is learned from the influence of personal experience. They can come evolutionary but with minimum cases. 

Research has happened in the University of Virginia in which scary snakes picture with flower caterpillars around there were shown to the adult and the children, what they find is phenomenal even a child can able to identify the snake in a quick reaction time along with an adult. 

Ophidiophobia Meaning and Definition

Ophidiophobia is the “Extreme Fear of Snakes.”  A sufferer is in constant anxiety from snakes. They get constant thoughts for biting with the snake in the toilet and when they are outside areas. 

Snake phobic people don’t travel abroad where they might get exposure to the snake. The constant check the environment and ask other people about the phobia. 

People may scream when they even watch a snake on the screen. It depends on the severity and experience. 

What causes Ophidiophobia ( Fear of Snakes)?

Ophidiophobia is one of the most common phobias, the psychologist has believed that humans have an innate belief at snakes always spread harm to the human itself that’s why they are not programmed to like them but ignore and fear them all the time. 

People’s usually say, “I hate snakes,” “I don’t like Snake and Spider.” Also, In the media and television program snakes are always presented as a threat to human life unless you are Bear Grylls. We learn phobia of the snake from our evolutionary senses that created in years and years. 

An individual can acquire phobia for a variety of reasons like you may have a belief in personal experience with the snake that the snake could try to possess some harm on you or you may hear from someone that snake possesses harm to someone. Plenty of scary movies related to snakes in childhood might be the cause of snake fear in you. 

Snake Phobia usually comes from the learned experience. Suppose you have siblings with snake phobia or your life cousin’s are ophidiophobic then it’s quite possible that you simply learned the fear from them 

What are the symptoms of Ophidiophobia? 

Ophidiophobia symptoms list

Snakes are the rare species in our surrounding so that symptoms are hard to tell. But an Ophidiophobic person can be anxious from a scary picture of a snake on the laptop or media television. There are some common symptoms of Ophidiophobia: 

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Breathlessness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Shaking hands
  • Crying 
  • Difficulty in breathing

Why are people afraid of Snakes? 

Snakes are reptiles animals and one of the most poisonous animals in reptiles. In a country like Africa snakes are quite common species you can see them on the public roads or the street side. Peoples are not able to cope up with the stress they feel when confronted or even thought about the snake. 

People usually afraid of snakes at it is a poisonous reptile which can leave serious threat to yourselves. People with Ophidiophobia find difficulty in doing adventure activities like camping, skiing, mountaineering, and trekking, etc. 

How do you get rid of Ophidiophobia ( Phobia of Snake)?

Phobia like ophidiophobia easily occurs in a normal human being from the genetic factor. Snake fear is an obvious feeling in a human being for survival. Snake phobia is also one of the most common phobias in the world. Sometimes, you even don’t know how you came to develop snake phobia but it has impinged in your nervous system.

Almost every phobia can be curable with the psychotherapies like Exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is psychotherapy in which you exposure to the fearful object slowly. A counsellor might give you snake toys firstly, advisea  you to watch some movies related to the snake, take you to the zoo where there is no harm to you and at last, you may get a chance to overcome your fear.

Some specialist involves just a 3/4 hour session of live exposure and you can be cured forever. The magic of social science can do wonders in your life. Sometimes people take some time to cure themselves other than taking counselling session at one go. 

The second most common treatment option is Cognitive Behavior therapy, there is some stress in our brain that causes harm in our mind because of snakes, these are some events that cause pain CBT tries to change the emotion from negative to positive for the snake. CBT has brilliant numbers to cure the ophidiophobic person. 


How do I get over my phobia of snakes?

Phobia of the snake may be easy for some people to deal with while difficult for someone it depends on the severity of the phobia, those ophidiophobic person lives near the zoo can be the overwhelming situation for them all the time. Thanks to the psychologist and counsellor who made treatment of ophidiophobia simple. They suggest some social science techniques which could help a person with snake fear:

  • Get to know more about snakes and study them from depth\
  • Write down your fear and seek help from the people
  • Psychotherapies like CBT and Exposure therapy is helping thousands of individual to get rid of phobia. 

What are the most common phobias in the world?

Some of the most common phobias in the world are: 

Aerophobia        – Fear of Flying

Astraphobia       – The fear of thunder

Mysophobia       – Fear of germs 

Acrophobia        – Fear of height

Agliophobia       –  Fear of Pain 

Arachnophobia   – The fear of spiders

Agoraphobia      – The fear of crowded places or open space

Claustrophobia  – The fear of small spaces

Cynophobia      – The fear of dogs

Trypophobia     – The Fear of holes

Emetophobia   – Fear of Vomiting 

How do you know if you have a phobia of snakes?

Snakes are hard to find in the cities because cities are covered with big infrastructure and usually snakes don’t come to crowded places all the time, they can come eventually in the rainy season, Some of the sign will help you get to know that you have a phobia of snake or not, 

When you see a snake, think about a snake, watching a television channel and snake comes eventually, these all events lead to several changes in the body like: 

  • Dizziness
  • Heart rate increase
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in breathing

When you feel constant anxiety from the presence of snakes in your life then you might be facing the fear of snake phobia from a long ago. 

What’s the fear of snakes called?

Fear of snakes called Ophidiophobia. Ophidiophobia is the snake fear which comes into the life of an individual because of negative events or learned experience or exposure to an advised personal threat from a snake. 

What is Fear of Poisonous Snake? 

A snake is a scary reptile and it can be poisonous as well. There are two types of snakes in the world: 

  • Venomous 
  • Non-Venomous

Non-venomous isn’t much poisonous and they can not harm you and you don’t have to feel scared from them. 

Venomous are extremely dangerous snakes and they look scary as well. Venomous are poisonous snakes and fear of poisonous snake is more natural than we think it as a phobia. 

Our brain is designed in such a way that we keep ourselves safe from all the dangers. Exposure to a poisonous snake might give you anxiety but it’s a natural mechanism of the brain. There might not be a traumatic experience to feel anxiety. 

Can anyone explain Ophidiophobia Meaning In Hindi & English? 

Ophidiophobia meaning and defintion in english

ओफिडियोफोबिया साँप का चरम भय है जो साँप के सामने आने पर लोगों को चिंतित करता है| चिंता इतनी अधिक होती है कि लोग दिन भर चक्कर और तनातनी महसूस करते हैं| 

An ophidiophobe will develop anxiety when they exposed to snake or even listen about snakes from another person and irrational danger may present anytime with an ophiophobic person. 

Ophidiophobia test

Ophiophobia is a specific phobia which is easy to identify among peoples but sometimes it can be hard to identify. Several websites may help you to diagnose online like changesthatrightnow

But I don’t recommend conducting a test without the help of a good interpreter or a certified counsellor. You might develop more anxiety in case of misdiagnosis. 

What is Fear of Snakes In The Toilet? 

Fear of snakes is a prevalent phobia that covers at least 10% of the human population. But the fear of snakes in the toilet may or may not be a specific phobia but it is a little different from snake phobia. 

Snakes belong to the family of reptiles and they tend to live in the water area and might reaches your toilet via pipeline several times a year. This is a fear from finding a snake in the toilet and not belongs to any specific phobia other than ophidiophobia. 

Ophidiophobia Facts 

Snake Phobia is not such a common phobia. Ophiophobia facts are given below: 

  • It is the fear of snakes 
  • It is the snake phobia 
  • You will avoid the situation when you face a painful situation 
  • You will anxious from snake web series or snake videos
  • You might not able to travel to snake prevalent countries 
  • You may be feeling anxious in the toilet 

Fear Of Snakes Homeopathic Remedy

We have taken these Fear of snakes Homeopathic remedy from Homeopathy 360. 

You can look at some homoeopathic remedies to get rid of snake phobia. 

Bitis arietans                                                                                    Lachesis muta

Bothrops atrox                                                                                Naja tripudians

Bothrops lanceolatus                                                      Oxyuranus scutellatus

Bungarus fasciatus                                                       Oxyuranus microlepidotus

Cenchris contortrix                                                                              Phyton Regia

Crotalus cascavella                                                                   Toxicophis pugnax

Crotalus horridus                                                                              Vipera aspis

Echis carinatus                                                                                 Vipera redi

Elaps corallinus                                                                               Vipera torva

Fear Of Snakes In Dreams

Fear is a situation in which an individual is in constant anxiety when thinking about traumatic events or even a memory. 

Fear and phobias are not one’s favourite emotions, but when you exposed to certain stimuli of fear you may experience certain difficulty in daily life. These fearful situations might disturb your sleep hours and you are seeing lots of snakes in the dreams. This classical conditioning will develop a fear of snakes in a dream

Fear of Snakes Spiritual Meaning

Unlike any animals presence of snakes in dreams may have a wide variety of meanings. Snakes are the great sources of wisdom and their presence might be a sign of personal transformation. 

Although it might feel anxious, it can be a sign of your getting rid of your past and achieve new heights of achievement according to spiritual energies. 

I Also Want to Know Fear of Crocodiles and Fear of Alligator

Fear of crocodiles is the phobia of reptiles just like snakes and lizards. The presence of crocodiles creates the same anxiety as the presence of snakes are creating. 

Fear of Alligator is known as Herpetophobia. It is also a specific phobia. Fear of alligator the phobia of reptiles just like snakes and lizards. The presence of alligator creates the same anxiety as a belief at advising the presence of snakes are creating. 

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