Fear of Women Phobia- Gynophobia Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Gynophobia: What to Know About Fear of Women

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Men are known for showing love and affection towards women. We are designed in that way we always attract the opposite sex. Men attracted to women and vice versa. But how can you react after listening that some men exist in this world who have a phobia of women? We are not talking about introverts and shyness. Phobia of women- Gynophobia is a completely different scenario for the introverts which involves fear of girls, fear of older women and fear of beautiful women. Scared of Women is the abnormal fear of contempt, hatred, and prejudice against women. Androphobia is a similar term that shows fear of men.

What is the meaning of Gynophobia?

Scared of Women– Gynophobia has the roots in the greek where gyne and phobia evolves. Gyne means Women and phobia is the irrational fear and they together make “Fear of Women.” Gynophobia has an alternate name as Feminophobia.

Men feel fear to come closer to the feminine and create an intimate relationship with her. The fear of women may get worse over time that individual starts to hate female family members like sister, daughter or cousin sister, etc.

What are the Other Phobia Co-relates with Gynophobia?

feminophobia, Gynophobia, fear of women, women phobia, fear of girls, phobia of women

Feminophobia is the feeling of men in which they scared of women and they lose interest to talk to women’s beautiful women, intercourse with the romantic partner and companionship with the female co-workers, etc.

The other phobias that are closely related to the Feminophobia are

Venustaphobia or Caligynephobia – Fear of Beautiful Women

Androphobia – Fear of Men

Xenophobia – Phobia of women

What is the cause of Fear of Girls among Boys?

A psychologist has a keen interest in the interpersonal relationships in social psychology and after conduct research with the gynophobic persons, they conclude that some negative experiences and traumatic disorders are closely related to the presence of women in the situation of odd.

There are some causes behind the feeling in which you feel scared of women.

  • In your childhood, you may face sexual abuse for a long time from an arrogant female friend.
  • When your love rejects you. The feeling of separation from your loved one creates an emotional imbalance among the individual.
  • Your mother doesn’t love you. If you receive hatred from your mother in the early childhood period you start believing that all women are worst.
  • If your girlfriend ditches you for just money or sex. If your girlfriend has been ditching you for sex and only sex then your mental condition got change forever and you start to hate all women.

Who can suffer from Feminophobia?

Feminophobia is a very common term nowadays. Men are developing hatred towards women for not bring commendable with him.

Feminophobia can affect the individual at any age but the most probable chance for developing the symptoms of the sacredness of women is in childhood or adulthood. We transmit the symptoms of hatred of women in middle adulthood and late adulthood as well.

As the maturity level of men increase they feel security threats and the emotional threat from women.

Who is more dangerous a Child or an Adult?

feminophobia, Gynophobia, fear of women, women phobia, fear of girls, phobia of women

We have discussed the causes of the Gynophobia. We also have seen the two generations are really in danger to suffer from hatred from women i.e child and adult.

If we talk about who is in more danger the answer would be a child because a child is not so mature to understand the whole scenario and oppose the surroundings as well.

An adult who is suffering from a personality disorder and social phobia is more likely to capture the symptoms of fear of women.

Symptoms of Phobia of Women

Feminophobia or Gynophobia can show several systems which depend on the severity of the phobia:

  • You may feel anxious when you see women in front of your eyes.
  • The level of anxiety would be multiplied when women come closer to you
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • You may not able to focus on important things in your life.
  • Dizziness and numbness also show that you are affected by the gynophobia.

Some Additional Facts About Gynophobia

  • The presence of social phobia in the individual leads to the feeling of scared of women.
  • Mental Disorders like ADHD and BiPolar disorder are also responsible for the phobia of women.
  • You may feel sexual problems with your romantic partner if you suffer from a phobia of women like you lose interest in intercourse, you may suffer from premature ejaculation or in the worst scenario don’t attain an erection at all.
  • You may develop feeling like All women are cheater and wrong.
  • Your social life and personal life will seem like hell to you.

How can I get over Fear of Women?

You must consult with registered and experienced mental health professionals for the acquired treatment. We have also discussed that the level of danger to affected by the fear of women is more in the child.

The feeling of hatred of women can decrease the cognitive disability of a child and his social life will be in danger throughout life.

A good and experienced mental health professional is responsible for diagnosing the symptoms of xenophobia and provide facilities for getting over irrational fear to women. You can’t feel the issues in individual life when suffering from the irrational fear of women. Betterhelp shows the exact scenario which forecasts the difficulties for the individual.

BetterHelp also shows the connection of Gynophobia with the Mysogamia.

You can get rid of gynophobia from the medication or psychotherapy.

feminophobia, Gynophobia, fear of women, women phobia, fear of girls, phobia of women

CBT ( Cognitive Behavior Therapy) – CBT is extremely helpful in getting over the phobia of women. The psychologist recommends the CBT in the treatment of all common phobias. CBT changes our thought for the women and how to tackle emotional dilemma against women.

Medicines – Medicine is another option for curing the phobia. The medication can help to fight with the panic attack of phobia and anxiety. The medication is used to reducing the severe symptoms of the phobia of women.

Other Therapies – A experienced mental health professional know how to tackle the patient in an emotional dilemma. They can advise for exposure therapy in which individual expose to women mildly and make him comfortable slowly which reframe your view towards women.
How to prevent Gynophobia to Occur?

We are living in the psychological world in which we may suffer from different mental problems which create an imbalance in our life. The mental problems are not cured overnight. You may wait for a long time to recover from your suffering.

A healthy environment, loving relationship, regular workout, healthy food, high emotional intelligence all the possible factors to getting over not just Gynophobia but every health problem.

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