Agoraphobia ( Fear of Open Spaces) Sign, Symptoms, Treatment and Causes

Fear of Leaving house - All You Need To Know About Agoraphobia

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Agoraphobia is the phobia of fear of leaving the house, fear of going outside, fear of small spaces, fear of wide-open spaces, fear of being trapped, fear of leaving home,  fear of public places, fear of crowds, public transit, shopping center, outside their home, open space, closed space, etc. The agoraphobic person feels extreme fear from the open space outside their home. In the specific phobia of open space, people feel security harm and they feel being trapped in it. They may suffer from a panic attack when exposed to the public place. If the situation went wrong or the case reaches out at an extreme stage then people can’t escape their home anyhow.

What is Agoraphobia the fear of?

Agoraphobia is the phobia of open spaces in which people feel intense fear about their safety if they go outside. In extreme cases, they can’t escape their home at all. The person may feel fear in a different situation:

Fear of leaving the house,
Fear of going outside,
Fear of small spaces,
Fear of wide-open spaces,
Fear of being trapped,
Fear of leaving home,
Fear of public places,
Pear of crowds,
Public transit,
Shopping center,
Outside their home,
Open space,
Closed space

Is Agoraphobia a Disability?

agoraphobia causes, agoraphobia treatment, agoraphobia symtoms, how to treat agoraphobia naturally, fear of crowd

Agoraphobia is the disability to escape from the home. The agoraphobic person feels anxiety while being outside in the public place or the shopping center. Agoraphobia is a fatal disorder it will put you it the backfoot. Your anxiety would increase day after day you may develop several physical illnesses after the agoraphobia symptoms.

The condition can be more complex than the actual expectation.

2 million people alone in the U.S.A are suffering from the phobia of public places without having a panic attack.

Top facts About Fear of Open Spaces

The people who have fear of open spaces feel difficulty to escape their home.

There are some symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness and chest pain are the judging symptoms for agoraphobia.

Like another specific phobia, common phobia or mental illness Fear of open spaces can be curable through medication or therapy.

The main cause of the phobia of a public place is a panic attack or genetic connection.

You may feel fear in the Lifts or the closed room a lot rather than in the open space where you may feel escape is difficult.

Is agoraphobia a severe mental illness?

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder 5 (DSM-5) is used to diagnose severe mental disorder and Agoraphobia is been listen to in the DSM 5 in the anxiety category. Anxiety becomes a disorder when you can recover from it but get worse over time.

Agoraphobia is a panic disorder that develops from an anxiety disorder. People with a phobia of shopping center feel embarrassed, helpless, trapped in the crowded areas.

The most primary cause of the phobia of public places is the panic attack and genetic connection. If you have some negative memories related to the open space then you tend to develop the symptom of the open space.

Agoraphobia Symptoms

An agoraphobic person can show different symptoms that depend on person to person. Someone may show all of the given symptoms but some show only a few. You need professional guidance to diagnose the fear of open space.

  • Fear in sitting in the transit bus, plane or shared auto.
  • Fear in the shopping mall, party with a huge crowd.
  • Closed space such as restaurant, auditorium or megastore.
  • Escape from the room or home.
  • This situation involves anxiety among peers. You will feel this situation when comes outside your home:
  • Feeling unsafe or sick when observing the surroundings.
  • Shortness of breath when exposed to open space
  • Increases Heartbeat
  • The level of anxiety would increase.
  • If the situation doesn’t any sign for leaving a particular place but you always try to avoid exposure to public places.

What causes Agoraphobia? 


Agoraphobia is a severe mental illness. It can be caused by the following reasons –

Biological or Genetic – You inherit genes from your elders regardless of any situation. You are always a replica of your family members. If someone in your family develops Agoraphobia symptoms then there is a much greater chance that you inherit the same symptoms.

Panic Attack – If some negative flashbulb memories are attached to past events then you develop such stereotypes of fear from the public place as well.

Environmental Factors – According to Educational Psychology, we attract every aspect of the environment. There is no lawyer in the community of doctors. We attract emotions from the people who are surrounded by us. That’s why if your friends are affected by the phobia of exposure to public place then you may develop the same phobia to yourself.

What is the Other mental Illness caused by the Agoraphobia?

agoraphobia causes, agoraphobia treatment, agoraphobia symtoms, how to treat agoraphobia naturally, fear of crowd 

The chances are many for you to suffer other mental illness along with the fear of crowds like

  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Addiction to Alcohol
  • Addiction to drugs
  • When you live home for years then you may develop social disorders like avoidant personality disorder etc.
  • Hopelessness
  • Numbness
  • Loss of craze in life
  • Extreme Dissatisfaction from life

How can you help someone with agoraphobia? Agoraphobia Treatment

Just like other phobias Phobia of Long Words, Phobia of cats, Phobia of shape objects, Fear of crowd is also treatable from the proper guidance from a mental health professional in the psych wards.

Medication – Medication is the first answer to How can you help someone with agoraphobia? Antidepressant and anti-anxiety medicines are used for coping with the fear of the crowd. The medication contains Antidepressant and anti-anxiety may involve side-effects any may be the temporary solution for the treatment. You must take proper guidance intaking the medicines.

Psychotherapy – Psychotherapy is the second answer to the question How can you help someone with agoraphobia?

Psychotherapy involves fading the negative flashbulb memories associated with the incidents from negative emotions to the positive ones. If your subconscious mind is re-programmed for the negative events associated with the exposure of open space and closed space in the surrounding then the whole situation can come under control and you can be normal as well.

3. Support – Counselor can help you to get rid out of the fear of crowd but your family and you support yourself for the positive outcomes of the results. Your results will fly dramatically. Always inspired your loved ones, make them believe that they are a warrior like Avenger who wins will in the end.

How to cure Agoraphobia naturally?

Agoraphobia is the severe illness that enlists in the category of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder 5 (DSM-5) which is a serious mental illness. You will need professional guidance for coping with the Agoraphobia with medication or psychotherapy. But some home remedies you can use to foster your treatment timespan like:

Show discipline to follow the advice of the doctor genuinely.
Stop taking drugs or alcohol for better results.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising daily.
Stay calm always


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What is Agoraphobia is the phobia of _________? 

fear of crowds,
fear of open spaces,
fear of leaving the house,
fear of going outside,
fear of small spaces,
fear of wide-open spaces,
fear of being trapped,
fear of leaving home,
fear of the outside,
fear of public places.

Which of the following class of drugs is used to treat agoraphobia?

There is two class of drugs used for the treatment of Agoraphobia.

Anti-Depressant drugs
Anti-anxiety drugs

How to overcome Agoraphobia?

The two ways to overcome a fear of outside

Medication includes antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs.

The treatment takes time. You need to be patient between the treatment.

What is the fear of the outdoors called?

Fear of the outdoors called Agoraphobia. You feel fear to go outdoors like a shopping mall, restaurant. movie theatre, auditorium, party, etc.

Can agoraphobia be inherited?

You inherit every gene from your parents. Fear of open space can also be inherited from your parents.

What is it called when you’re afraid to leave your house?

If you are afraid of leaving the house then it must be a symptom of severe phobia i.e Agoraphobia. You may experience other symptoms as well like:

fear of crowds,
fear of open spaces,
fear of leaving the house,
fear of going outside,
fear of small spaces,
fear of wide-open spaces,
fear of being trapped,
fear of leaving home,
fear of the outside,
fear of public places.



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