Fear of Big Objects Complete Guide| How To Cure Megalophobia

Do You Know– There are over 400 specific phobias recognised and accepted by a psychologist. 

Megalophobia is the fear of large objects. It might sound ridiculous and insensible to people but it is true in reality. A phobia is an overwhelming aversion to a person, place, feeling, animal or situation.  Some human beings are fearful of seeing man-made buildings, large objects in the water, large objects in the sky, giant ships, giant statues, rocks, etc. You will feel intrusive or anxious in front of them

Megalophobia Triggers 

A trigger is a medium through which a phobic person gets arousal in their body mechanics to feel anxious. We know that megalophobia is the irrational fear of large objects, huge things or huge ships. 

15 Triggers of Megalophobia: 

  • Giant groundsels, prehistoric plants 
  • Massive hidden Buddha statue by Japanese architect Tadao Ando
  • Gruman Echo Satellite 
  • USS – Lexington Corpus Christi 
  • Ships 
  • Ports 
  • Islands 
  • India Gate 
  • Qutub Minar 
  • Trains 
  • Hills 
  • Building 
  • Burz Khalifa 
  • Buses 
  • Multi-storey buildings 

10 Most Common Symptoms of Megalophobia

Megalophobia is none other than other specific phobias like emetophobia, ophidiophobia and many more. Fear of big things phobia will make you anxious and you may feel different symptoms based on person to person. 

Here are the symptoms faced by a megalophobic: 

  • Sweating and palpitations in hands, and toes
  • Feeling Dizziness 
  • Increase heart rate due to anxiety 
  • Shaking Hands and Foot 
  • Short term memory loss 
  • Panic attacks 
  • Difficulty in Sleep
  • Dry mouth 
  • Vomiting 
  • Suicidal thoughts, helplessness, or hopelessness

What Are The 3 Main Causes of Fear Of Large or Giant Objects? 

Fear of large objects or giant objects has been caused by these three reasons: 

  1. Fear of large objects is learned by the behavioural means in which a human cope with their habits and behaviour from another being, A megalophobic sibling makes another sibling megalophobic due to their excessive unusual anxiety. 
  2. Media Effect: Media is paid for their TRP and not for your benefit. A fearful being develops severe symptoms of misinterpreted news of megalophobia in results their anxiety is impossible to handle. 

A megalophobic guy may be disturbed by the Titanic Sinking News and may

 feel the same when sitting in any huge ship. 

  1. Children develop habits, intelligence, creativity and fear from their biological parents and if parents are facing megalophobia then their children may have to face the fear of giant things as well. 

3 Best Treatment  For Megalophobia 

In 2021, sickness is dominated by psychosomatic diseases. Phobia was never a big concern in the late 20s but we have seen a recent rise in the cases of unique fear and phobias treatment like megalophobia. 

Here the 3 best treatment for megalophobia recommended by the psychologist in their practice.: 

  1. Exposure desalinization (Systematic Desensitization): Exposure therapy or systematic desensitization is the most effective therapy recommended by the therapist. 

In Exposure therapy, the client faces their fear and its presence is increased continuously with time. To treat a megalophobic person number of steps are helpful in the therapy

  1. Listen to the podcast of giant things 
  2. Expose to a visual cartoon of big things 
  3. See virtual picture of ships, whales, and building with the VR devices 
  4. See Videos of big objects 
  5. Expose to tall buildings, giant things in front of eyes and incorporate the existing anxiety and timely decrease it. 

2. Cognitive behaviour Therapy: Cognitive behaviour therapy is a type of talking treatment. CBT ( Cognitive Behavior Therapy) is based on the framework where you break your overwhelming thoughts or problems into smaller parts. 

In CBT, a trained counsellor or a therapist is learned to change your desired behaviour will be changed behaviour for fearful objects. 

Research shows our thoughts decide our behaviour and CBT is a technique to change our thoughts on the stimulus of big object phobia. 

3. Yoga, Mindfulness and Exercising 

Yoga, mindfulness and exercise are the activities that show the helpful impact on the megalophobic guy. 

Yoga is the medium to connect the soul with the body. Yoga makes a person calm, energetic and increases their aura. Regular practice of yoga has seen impactful results in the symptoms of fear. 

We have explained the mindfulness activity in our previous article, in which you will be doing calming easy exercise and eventually you learn to fight with symptoms any time fo the day. Please visit the fear of snakes article to get to know about relaxation breathing. 

Yoga and exercise is a different thing. So, please don’t confuse yourself with them. Exercises like aerobics, HIIT, Power training makes a person physically and emotionally strong and anxiety can not harm you in long run. 


Megalophobia Meaning In Hindi 

मेगालोफोबिया बड़ी वस्तुओं का डर है। विशाल इमारतों, बड़े जहाजों, हवाई जहाज के सामने लोग चिंतित महसूस करते हैं। मेगालोफोबिया के लक्षण हैं हाथों और पैर की उंगलियों में पसीना आना,

चक्कर आना, चिंता के कारण दिल की दर में वृद्धि, और हाथ-पैर हिलाना | 

10 Megalophobia Images To Test Megalophobia 

It is the fear of large things or giant objects, that is something people experience in day to day life. Some people might have acrophobia or fear of height so they are fearful of giant objects or big building but we have collected some pictures which might trigger your Megalophobia: 

How Do I Pronounce Megalophobia? 

Megalophobia is a complex English word that might feel difficult in pronouncing. But you can learn to pronounce megalophobia by watching this video. 

Learn Pronouncing Megalophobia

I can not pronounce Megalophobia 

There may be two possible reasons for this: 

  1. You don’t know how to pronounce fear of big things. 
  2. Some people are extremely anxious about the triggers so that they can not even pronounce the fear name. 

I have a friend who has a phobia of needle and she can not even listen about the syringes and talk about them. 

The severity of the megalophobia also makes the person not pronounce megalophobia. 

What is Fear of Large Objects in Water

Fear of large objects in water is no unique phobia to megalophobia. Some people have a negative experience with a large object in water which makes them anxious. 

Ship sinking news, tornadoes are the main news sources which make human anxious to go deep into the water. 

The couple’s who have fear of large objects in water can not go to the island, beaches, and nearby Water location to travel. 

Fear of Large Objects in Water Triggers

  • Blue Whale 
  • Fin Whale 
  • Dragon 
  • Sperm Whale 
  • Giant Manta Rays 
  • Sharks 
  • Octopus 

What is Fear Of Large objects In Open Spaces? 

Fear of Large objects in open spaces is the persistent fear of giant objects or tall building in the open space. People who have fear of open spaces may feel anxious about the presence of the tall building.

Earthquakes are the possible reasons for the fear. A person might think that he may be buried inside a tall building or a giant object after earthquakes. 

So they try to avoid open places where large objects are there. 

Fear of large objects in the sky

Fear of large objects in the sky is the persistent fear of large objects in the sky like Aeroplane, helicopter and private jets. 

People with a phobia don’t go to the roof and open areas. They think that a big object will crash on them and they will hurt. 

What is Meglaphobia? Is Meglaphobia is different? 

Meglaphobia is not different to Megalophobia. Some people mistype it and search on the search engine. 

What is Fear of large ships? 

Fear of large ship is the Fear of large ships at the ocean. People with ships phobia cannot sit in bigger ships than normal. 

What is fear of large statues? 

Fear of large statues is the fear of bigger statues like the Statue of Unity, Spring Temple Buddha. People with the fear of large statues can not stand in front of them and feel an extreme level of anxiety.  

What is a phobia of statues? 

Phobia is not related to the fear of big things but even people are searching for relevant information related to the phobia of statues. 

Statues are the lookalike figures of human and people with a phobia of statues can not see statues and this phobia is known as Automatonophobia. 

What is Fear of tall building? 

Fear of tall building is the persistent fear of tall building. People with the fear of tall building cannot live in the big apartments whose building is too high. 

Fear of tall building are so prevalent in the metro cities where infrastructure is more and you can see tall buildings everywhere. 

People with the fear of tall building feel uncomfortable sitting in the corporates office building which is normally taller. 

Can Megalophobia be treated? 

Megalophobia is a prevalent phobia but it is treatable. We have seen brilliant results where patients overcome their phobias in 2-3 months

Is megalophobia common? 

Megalophobia is not so common phobia. There is no official data that exactly define its prevalence. 

What causes Megalophobia? 

Biological succession, behaviour of and past trauma are the three main causes of megalophobia. 

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