What is Enochlophobia: Is it Fear of Crowd Phobia

Demophobia or Homophobia: All you need to Know about Fear of Crowds

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Enochlophobia – Enochlophobia is the common phobia in the list of phobias. Enochlophobia is the fear of crowd of people. When people are suffered from this phobia every exposure to go into a crowded place like a shopping center, malls, public parks, etc. Some of the people feel good to live alone and peaceful but this is not the normal circumstances in which you don’t like the crowd but you have fear about your own safety. Enochlophobia can distort your normal life completely and can create a negative impact on your life too. 

In this article, we are covering everything about Enochlophobia i.e fear of crowd. From causes to the treatment, symptoms to homemade remedies. We will cover everything in the details. We promise to keep you updated with every information about the fear of crowd of people. 

What is Enochlophobia? 

enochlophobia, crowd of people, homophobia,
enochlophobia treatment, enbochlophobia symtoms, enochlophobia causes

Some people like to get involved in the crowd to get involved. We have seen people join the communities of people but this is a complete different thing that when someone starts to feel fear from the crowd of people this state of mind is named Enochlophobia. In this state of mind, you may feel it difficult to visit a nearby store, visit a yoga center, going to the office, going for a picnic, visit a shopping mall, do a night out party, etc. 

The alternative name of the Enochlophobia is Homophobia. 

I am heard about Agoraphobia, Is it the same? 

Agoraphobia is closely related to the Enochlophobia. Agoraphobia is the irrational fear to escape from home but Enochlophobia is valid up to a crowd of people. People were anxious about the presence of the crowd. The Agoraphobic person feels a security threat from the crowd of people.

Fast facts about Fear of Crowd of People? 

You are not alone in the world to struggle with social threats. Millions of others are fighting with the same situation.

  • When children reach their puberty stage, 12-14 years, since then there is a chance to suffer from social phobias like Agoraphobia or Enochlophobia. 
  • About 18-22 million people being a part of some social disorder like Agoraphobia, Enochlophobia, Fear of cats, etc. 
  • Every one out of five adults in the U.S.A is suffering from mental illness. The number increase drastically in the past few years. 

What causes fear of crowds or Enochlophobia?

Enochlophobia is a very common phenomenon that people aren’t aware of. But fear of crowd of people is changing the lives of adult men and women day by day. 

Men are less affected by crowd phobia than women. 

There is no specific reason for the crowd phobia. An experienced counselor can able to explain the fear of crowd after diagnosis. 

The common reasons for the phobia of crowd are:

  • Panic attack or traumatic event
  • Genetic transposition
  • Surrounding environment
  • Biological composition

Symptoms of Enochlophobia or Phobia of Crowd of People

enochlophobia, crowd of people, homophobia,
enochlophobia treatment, enbochlophobia symtoms, enochlophobia causes

The phobia of the crowd of people is quite common and its symptoms are easily predictable like your shortness of breath when you will be in a crowded place. You will feel unsafe in the crowd and always tries to escape the open space as soon as possible. With that, your loss of concentration also shows the significant symptoms of fear of crowded places.  The fear of crowded places is not a still thing in the world. The symptoms may depend upon person to person and severity of the disease. 

Three main cause of the phobia of a crowd of people is a physical, mental and emotional disturbance in the past events. 

  • You may increase your BP in a crowded place.
  • Nausea is a very common symptom to the common phobias like Phobia of open spaces, fear of sleep, Phobia of Knife, etc. 
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of temperament in the public
  • Losing attention span in the crowd of people
  • Panic attack and anxiety when thinking about the crowd. 

There can be many symptoms of the Enochlophobia which may vary from person to person. You should consult the counselor for the treatment and the proper diagnosis etc. 

Fear of Open Spaces/ Demophobia Treatment

The one who suffers from Fear of open spaces is called Demophobes. Demophobes can be suffering from fear of crowd at different levels i.e severe, moderate or mild. 

If you are a Demophobes of mild or moderate level then self-help would be the best practice you can try at home to get rid out of the phobia. 

If you are e Demophobes of severe or extreme level then you must rely on medication or the psychotherapies like we have covered the treatment of other phobias. 

Counseling Sessions: An experienced counselor can help you to get rid out of Demohobia to all extent. A professional counselor knows every aspect of the fear of crowds. You should spend some time to find out a quality therapist in your area who is helpful and experiences as well. 

A certified therapist can recommend the exact scenario of your current status about Enochlophobia. So, visit a counselor in a severe condition is a compulsion. 

Drugs: We are not talking about those drugs who are associated with addiction. A drug in the treatment is really helpful to reduce your depression level or anxiety level. But drugs are not a permanent solution for your phobia. A drug is used in reducing the severe symptoms of Enochlophobia. 

How to help someone with the Demophobia? 

enochlophobia, crowd of people, homophobia,
enochlophobia treatment, enbochlophobia symtoms, enochlophobia causes

Demophobia is just the alternate word of the phobia of public places. You can help someone with Demophobia by telling them exact strategies which are been described here. The strategies are well proved and full of safety. You will need professional guidance for the proper treatment of the phobia of public places. But you can try these hacks at home:

Meditation: Meditation has been the most loving activity for mentally sick patients. Meditation not just builds resilience but inspires us to get rid of every disorder or problem. The good meditation practice involves a focus on the on your breath deeply. 

You should learn how to take a breath deeply during meditation posture. Meditation would be your best healer for the recovery of fear of public places. 

Change your environment – If you are suffering from fear of public places then you should try little exposure with your loved ones. Attending the crowd doesn’t mean you have to go inside a concert by thousands of people. 

Exposure to little gathering in the social meetup train your mind to live between the community member also you will be habitual of the small gathering of people. If you mix meditation along with attending some local gathering then you will recover at an immensely fast rate. 

Make a good company: We are greatly influenced by our company who we live with most of our time. The good company will do the rest for you along with the meditation and attending the local gathering. Choose your friends carefully in life especially when you are suffering from fear of public places. 

An Empty Mind is Devils Workshop: The Sentence is well said by anonymous that “An Empty Mind Is Devils Workshop.” Your phobia seems to be more fatal when you are free for a long time. When you watch carefully your thought process even a normal person can be a tough guy to handle in his unproductive period. Make yourself busy with the task you like your hobbies, games, outing, etc.

A Pen is Mightier than Sword: A pen can change the world. A pen has a lot of power in it. Writing a diary or your daily instance in the diary will reduce the anxiety from inside of you towards the fear of public places. Believe me or not writing a diary is the highly recommended practice by the counselor to deal with your weird phobias. 


What is the fear of crowds called?

Enochlophobia is the term we used for fear of crowds. We also referred to Demophobia as the fear of public place or fear of crowds. 

What is the weirdest phobia?

Demophobia is one of the phobias which exists in the physical world. Some people like to join the community of people, they always want to socialize themselves for more respectable positions while some people have deep anxiety in just standing in front of a shopping mall. That’s the tragedies of a world.

What causes fear of crowds?

There is no such specific reason for the fear of public places but some common reasons are there:

  • Biological irregularities
  • Genetic connection
  • Negative past events associated with the public place
  • Traumatic Experience

How can I get over my fear of crowds?

Self-help would be the best treatment for your phobia of crowds. If your level of Enochlophobia is mild or moderate then you should stick with the self-help guide like meditation, exposure to social events and diary writing, etc. We have covered each step in detail. You can refer to the top for detail information. 

What does Demophobia mean?

Demophobia is one of the phobias which exists in the physical world. Enochlophobia is the term we used for fear of crowds. We also referred to Demophobia as the fear of public place or fear of crowds. 


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