Melissophobia – Fear of Bees Phobia All You Need To Know

What is the fear of bees and wasp called?

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Fear of Bees and Wasps which is collectively known as the Melissophobia. Fear of Wasps has another name as Apihobia. Melissophobia or Apiphobia is the irrational fear of the honeybees. Many people have fear from honeybees because you can’t afford her bite you may get hurt from the bite of her. But phobia of bees is a different term from the normal fear. You are anxious when you see a honeybee and you will get wet down in the wet. The honeybee is common in the environment. You can’t expect that no bee would be around us. The honeybee is an essential part of the lifecycle of human beings. We get useful honey from bees. But when you suffer from a phobia of bees or Phobia of bees your life will be affected completely.

What is Apiphobia? 

Apiphobia is the phobia of bees which is related to the phobia of wasps i.e spheksophobia. Apiphobia develop is one of the common phobias in the dictionary of a list of phobia. Melissophobia is the Greek word which compromises of two words Melissa means “Bees” and Phobia means “Irrational Fear from Someone or something.” Generally, Honeybees are present in the outside surrounding when an Aipophobic individual see them they become anxious.

What’s the fear of bees called?

Fear of bees is represented by the two terms as Apiphobia or Melissophobia. When an individual suffers from the Apiphobia or Melissophobia they start to hate every source where he/ she gets confronted with bees like flowers, trees, woods, etc. They try every possible thing not to expose to the bees. Apiphobia or Melissophobia is the specific phobia in the directory of phobias.

What are the Concerns for an Apiphobia or Melissophobia person?

fear of bees, apiphobia, what is Melissophobia,fear of wasps, treatment of fear of bees, causes of fear of bees, melissophobia symptoms

An individual who has a fear of bees or fear of wasps likely to kill all bees. The individual feels emotional harm from the honeybees. Honeybees fear to make him anxious all the time in the public surroundings. Bee Phobia or Wasp Phobia makes difficult for bees to live around the affected person. The extinction of the bees is one of the reasons because of the presence of Aipophobic peoples in the world.

Fear of Bess and Wasps or Melissophobia symptoms

You can’t predict the exact symptoms of specific phobias like Fear of Bess and Wasps or Melissophobia. American Psychological Association hadn’t categorized apiphobia as a severe phobia. That’s why a certified professional will able to find out the exact symptoms and causes of Melissophobia. Some of the melissophobia symptoms are given below:

  • Dry mouth when he/she exposed to bees
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in the breath when an individual sees a honeybee or wasp.
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Anxiety Attack
  • Excessive Sweating

Fear of Bess and Wasps or Melissophobia symptoms will depend on person to person and level of fear in an individual. You need to diagnose for the fear of wasps to the mental health professional for the deep knowledge about why you are scared of bees.

What are the possible causes of the Fear of Bees?

fear of bees, apiphobia, what is Melissophobia,fear of wasps, treatment of fear of bees, causes of fear of bees, melissophobia symptoms

We have discussed the symptoms of fear of bees. When you got to know about given symptoms of Apiphobia You may take interest in the causes behind the fear of bees.

There are two possible causes for the fear of bees.

Traumatic Event Link With Phobia of Bees
When you have a negative external event associated with the phobia of bees. You develop negative memories about bees. You start to think that bees are of nouse in this world. The external event mostly triggers at the early age of individual mainly before puberty. At that time we were not mature.

Genetics connection with Phobia of bees
Phobia of bees likely to haunts us if someone in our family suffered from the Apiphobia in the past life.

What Can I Do When I find myself from Fear of Bees and Wasps?

First of all, you need to open about your phobia of bees and wasps. When you open your inner feelings about the phobia of bees and wasps. You need to discuss your fear to the family members, loved ones and professional as well.

You can take medicine for the treatment of fear of wasps but after a healthy conversation with the mental health professionals. He will suggest you the anti-depressants and its dosage. Anti-depressants are so addictive that it may affect your natural health as well.

You may advise for you for some Cognitive Behavior Therapy or Hypnotising therapy for the same.

A mental health professional knows exactly which treatment options will suit you and suitable for you. So don’t be panic for the phobia of wasps you can be healed soon with the help of caretakers and professionals.


Can Wasps sense fear?

Wasps are just another species like bees. If an individual is suffering from Apiphobia or Melissophobia he will develop the fear against wasps as well. You should make remember that specific phobias are treatable at a short span of time. You just need the right guidance for the same.

Why should you not be afraid of bees?

You shouldn’t be afraid of bees because bees are also a part of the life cycle. You get fruits with the help of bees. So you should value their contribution in creating a healthy environment which is livable for everyone. World can’t afford bees killer for fear of. Fear of bees can be overcome with the help of professionals.


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