Defining Androphobia: What is Fear of Men/ Boys

Androphia Meaning; Is It Fear of Men or Fear of Boys

Defining Androphobia: What is Fear of Men/ Boys

Androphobia is the rare term you hear over the web and in practical life. An androphobic person is an individual who has a fear of men or fear of men, fear of boys, androphobia, causes of androphobia, symptoms of androphobia, treatment of androphobia, androphobic person, etc. When two opposite sex i.e men and women come together to form a couple. But How can we assume that the sun and sunshine are fearful of each other? The modern world makes this happened. When women start to fear men and fear of boys their phobia of men and phobia of boys is called Androphobia.

Androphobia Definition

Androphobia is a Greek word where Andras means man and phobia is the irrational fear. The irrational fear of men is the complete meaning of Androphobia. Individuals start to fear emotional and physical threats when she comes in physical contact with the men.

All men seem to be dangerous for women. She feels anxious in the presence of men even the closest member of the family and friends. The anxiety level increase and they lose the temperament in confrontation with the men. Like women, men also do have a fear of women i.e Gynophobia.

Negative Impact of Fear of Men Phobia

Fear of men is a very unusual term in the psychological world. Fear of men can put a really bad impact on our whole life whether it is personal or professional. Some of the emotional and physical threats for an androphobic person I like to mention here-

  • When an androphobic person in the work environment she tries to avoid the company of male co-workers and even the boss.
  • An androphobic person tries every possible thing to come in contact with a male friend or make a subordinate.
  • In the college environment, she is not ready to study from a male professor.
  • In the home environment, the wife is scared of maintaining an intimate relationship with the husband.
  • In the social place and marketplace, women don’t purchase a household item from a make shopkeeper.
  • You can’t imagine the exact scenario for an Androphobic in day to day life. The nervousness, the physical threat would increase day by day for the affected person. She may be completely frustrated with her life and may lose interest in living as well.

What are the Symptoms of Androphobia?

The symptoms of the Fear of boys depend on person to person and severity of the phobia. There are some common symptoms which you can observe in an Androphobic person when She presented in front of men-

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • High Level of Anxiety
  • Shortness of Breath of Difficulty in breathing.
  • Difficulties in daily activities where the presence of men are there.
  • Sweating when seeing a man in front of the eyes.
  • Intense fear when an androphobic person thinks about men or talk about men.

Why We Develop Symptoms of Androphobia?

There are the various factor which is responsible for the development of phobia of boys or phobia of men are

Negative Experience: When people experience extreme instances in life because of men then she able to make negative memories towards the whole male community like A child who experience abuse in bringing up and the women who been raped by males draw irrational fear towards the whole community.

The fear of boys or fear of men is so intense that she will feel security threats when coming closer to any man.

Stereotypes: Stereotypes are those norms that one believes to be true. There are different societies in which males are extremely dominant towards women. In this scenario, women develop a feeling of heroism towards males.

Heredity: Heredity is the top reason for developing the symptoms of Androphobia among women and transgenders.

What are the available treatments for Androphobia?

An Androphobic people are easy to guess but you need to get proper counseling sessions from the mental health professionals to properly diagnose the fear of men or fear of women. There are several treatments available for the treatment of androphobia:

Medicines: Medicines has been widely used in the medical science for reducing the symptoms of phobia of men or phobia of boys. Besides the successful rate of psychotherapies medicines are used for reducing the level of depression and anxiety to proceed with the therapy sessions.

Anti Depressants, Anti-Anxiety medicines have been widely used to reduce the symptoms of Androphobia. But these medicines can be dangerous for your overall health because these are harmful drugs if you take in excess.

Exposure Therapy and CBT: Exposure therapy and Cognitive Behavior therapy is extremely useful in the recovery of specific phobias like Phobia of Men, Phobia of Women, Phobia of Open Space.

Exposure therapy involves the exposure of men into the life of an Androphobic person slowly and makes them comfortable about his presence. Your recovery time would be increased but it must be the best treatment option available for the androphobic person.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is also widely used in the treatment to cure the fear of men and fear of boys among women.

Apart from the recommended things A counselor or health professional is at a better place to recommend the treatment option which suits you. You need to choose your counselor wisely who is experiences and open to listen to your problems deeply.

Final Word

The Symptoms of Androphonbia will destroy your personal life and social life. You can’t meet with your friends freely, you can’t enjoy eating at a restaurant, you can’t maintain a good relationship with your husband, boyfriend, family members.

If you develop any of the above symptoms because of men for a long time then it is the perfect time to visit a mental health professional nearby psychiatric hospital.

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