Algophobia/ Algiophobia ? How To Live Without Fear of Pain

algophobia definition

This is the most effective guide to guide people about the Algophobia facts, symptoms, treatment options, and how to overcome it.

Agliophobia is referred to as the phobia of pain or fear of pain. 

Everyone has a dislike of painful situations and it’s basically a common psychological principle that no one wants pain in their life. 

The pain in life is occupational. Sometimes, it comes and algophobic people face a great difficulty in dealing with the painful situation. 

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Can What is Algophobia? Is it similar to Agliophobia

Someone with Algiophobia or Algophobia has a constantly recurring thought about what could cause pain and then they go to extreme lengths to avoid situations.

What is the synonym of Algophobia?

Algophobia has another synonym as “Agliophobia” so please don’t confuse with the name

Can Pain Cause Anxiety

Pain itself an unwanted guest in the house which always creates trouble. Pain can make a normal person anxious but it may concern severe health issues to the algophobic person.
An algophobic person may feel dizziness, dry mouth, and shortness to breath when expose to painful situation.

Can We define Algophobia in a sentence?

Algophobia or fear of pain is the extreme fair of painful situation.

Which phobia is closely related to Agliophobia?

Agoraphobia, phobia of blood and phobia of dentist is associated with Algophobia

Algophobia description

People who have fear of pain have vivid memories of previous experience that have caused them pain and they tend to re-experience in the same way that someone with PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They have to re-experience the entire situation and they can cause trauma or a panic attack. 

People with algophobia are constantly remembering times in which they experience pain as a tactic tool to avoid similar situations it’s a very unpleasant phobia essentially they seem to hypervigilant in constant state of anxiety and constantly looking at potential causes of pain and trying to avoid them. 

Algophobia Definitions 

Algophobia or fear of pain is the irrational fear or pain that keeps the person to avoid painful situations.

People with the agliophobia is constantly pre-empting what pain may be caused and then going to extreme measure to avoid it 

Algophobia / Fear of Pain Symptoms 

Fear of pain symptoms

Pain phobia is not a simple phobia. It is not pervasive at all.  People with similar phobias are confused with the other specific phobias. A counselor will identify whether you are suffering from it or not. There are some symptoms to confirm with algophobia. 

  • Avoid going to painful places or situations

List of Places Where Algophobic Are More Anxious

There are quite familiar places where an algophobic person seems to be more anxious. : 

  1. Dentist
  2. Sports Complex
  3. Gym
  4. Trekking
  5. Adventure sports
  • Breathlessness
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Palpitation
  • Dry mouth
  • Feeling of Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Panic Attacks
  • Loss of concentration
  • Chest pain
  • Excessive anxiety

Even a person with pain phobia often sees videos on youtube of skateboard accidents and other accidents and still they feel anxiety after watching it. They are always avoiding facing such situations in the future. 

Algophobia Pronunciation

Algophobia pronunciation is simple. This Youtube video will help you in pronouncing Algiophobia Pronunciation 

Algophobia Meaning In Hindi

Algophobia ko Hindi main “दर्द का डर” बोलते हैं. एल्गोफोबिया से पीड़ित लोगों को दर्द का अत्यधिक डर लगता है और वे दर्द के बारे में चिंतित रहते हैं| 

9 Real Facts About Algophobia Facts 

Algophobia is not such a common phobia. Although people don’t have much knowledge about events this phobia exists. Even we try hard to find the most accurate knowledge about every existing fear and phobia. Algophobia facts are given below 

  • It is the fear of pain
  • It is known as pain phobia
  • You will avoid a situation where you may face painful situations
  • You will feel anxious from accident videos
  • You might not able to participate in school sports because of the trauma of pain in your mind
  • Algophobic people feels difficulty in traveling because tiredness calls pain in the body and your inner phobia of pain tries to avoid such situations
  • Algophobia may catch you in sex, you might trying to avoid
  • Algophobic women feel extreme difficulty in giving birth

Main Causes of Pain Phobia 

People with agliophobia is constantly pre-empting what pain may be caused and then going to extreme measure to avoid it. 

It is really difficult to face fear where they actually experienced pain because it becomes very destructive in life. Someone with this phobia will read the news or listen to the news and anything involving pain.

There are some main factors that can cause Algophobia 

PTSD, Genetics, Environment  

The environment has a deep relation in forming our habits and past experience even plays a major role in developing our actions. 

Negative experience or traumatic experience with the pain may cause phobic habit in your behavior 

Genetics also plays a major role in shaping our personality. Family history increases the chance of an algophobic child with the parents. Everything from the parents passed on to the child. 

Genetic transmission may cause algophobia in the child. 

Although, there are some popular reasons for fear of physical pain but the exact cause has a long way to go with the counselor and researcher. An experienced counselor may help you to overcome it. 

What is the Misdiagnosis of Algophobic People? 

it can be pain that could be caused from disease so quite often someone with this phobia of pain can often be misdiagnosed as a hypochondriac because they tend to do lots of research about illness disease and accidents and they constantly want to be checked for what they have not because they worry that they have that thing because they are trying to preempt something that could cause pain in the future irt case often be misdiagnosed as ADHD 

How To Overcome Fear Of Pain 

We have read that fear of pain or pain phobia is a situational phobia and this can affect you in some situations. Although, it is treatable with the two methods: 

  • Exposure therapy

Exposure therapy is the most common therapy to overcome any phobia like algiophobia which is a situation. In Algophobia you can expose yourself to painful situations like you have to bump the doorway and stub your toe which I don’t know if that’s stubbing your toe gives you some pain and trying to bear it. 

You may experience yourself watching videos of pain and not feel anxious 

Healing others wounds gives you practical subconscious power to fight with pain in future 

  • We have discussed in our previous articles that breathing exercise is a great way to get rid of the fear of pain. There are number of breathing exercise that reduces your anxiety instantly
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is another best option to overcome the fear of pain. CBT helps you to identify your negative beliefs about pain and changes them with positive ones.
  • A good therapist can help you to replace your anxiety-provoking situation and interpret it with a better self. 

Hence a therapist will reduce your anxiety in a better way. 

  • Another way is DBT which is a Distress tolerance skill. The human mind is designed to be more intelligent than we ever think. Environmental stimuli make us sick. And DBT helps us to tolerate those stimuli and those anxiety-provoking stimuli gets diminish slowly

Can Pain Cause Anxiety? 

Pain itself an unwilling guest in the house which always created trouble. Pain can make a normal person anxious but it may concern severe health issues to the algophobic person. 

An algophobic person may feel dizziness, dry mouth, and shortness of breath when exposed to painful situations. 

Can We Define Algophobia in a sentence? 

Algophobia or fear of pain is the extreme fear of painful situations. 

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