Acrophobia- Fear of Height | Causes and Symptoms

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Have you been irritated with height when you try to climb the ladder, standing at the top of the building etc? Are you fearful from a height? The Acrophobia is the specific phobia of height. An acrophobic person can be easily tensed when he is on some height. People start to feel irritation, nervousness, anxiety, discomfort, etc. The Phobia of height can reach you in the form of ladder climbing, standing top floor of the building, taking rides in the waterpark, at hills, at mountains etc. The acrophobic person may show some common symptoms like short breathing, rapid breaths, nausea, panic, discomfort etc. 

What is Fear of Height – Acrophobia

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You may hear of some people who are really adventurous in their like. They do sky diving, paragliding etc while some people are also there who find really difficult to stand just at top of the building. Yes, We are talking about acrophobia. Acrophobia is the specific phobia in which people have a fear of heights. Acrophobia evolves from the Greek dictionary and compromises of two words “acro” + “phobia” which means “edge, peak, height, summit” and “irrational fear” respectively. 

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The person who is afraid of heights may feel nervous or anxious in some heights or some height place. You probably will not able to roller coaster ride if you are an acrophobic person. Can you imagine how much hazardous it for you to be an acrophobic person? The phobia of air or phobia of height may disturb your whole balance in life. You may feel immense difficulty to change even the tube light in your own house standing on the chair. 

The scope of career opportunities is also limited to an acrophobic person. It is somewhat similar to vertigo but of the extreme level of fear. 

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is the rare term of the psychology of phobia. Vertigo has some similarity to the Acrophobia but it contains only a small part of the really big term. Vertigo is the sensation of spinning dizziness. It is also a disorder of height or fear of height. You may feel anxious or discomfort when you look down from the top of the building,  or some height. The dizziness can be caused by the brain. 

Prevention is better than cure

Anyone who shoe acrophobia symptoms or vertigo symptoms must not use the ladder to climb and avoid driving as well. You should stop every possible in which you are exposed to the height or that activity which involve frequent head movement like exercise, jogging etc. 

How to Get Over Fear of Heights?

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Behavioural science has already reached its peak. Mental health professionals has coined the way to cope with the phobia of height. There are two processes you can use to cope with the phobia of heights-

  1. Medication
  2. Therapy

There is some medication available in psychiatric hospitals from psychiatric hospitals like anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines and anti-depressant drugs. 

The other form of treatment is CBT Cognitive behaviour therapy. The therapy is the right solution for the acrophobia. In cognitive Behavior, therapy prospects are taken back their chance to regaining their emotional control for height. 

You are searching for the answer to How to get over the fear of height but before I tell you the treatment of acrophobia you must understand the cause of fear of heights i.e height.

You must exclude any possible instance for the 

You should avoid every possible cause for the exposure to the height like walking into the balcony, walk down to stair etc. 

How to conquer the fear of heights – Medication or therapy?

As per the psychological guidelines is concerned you should avoid medication in case of any phobia whether it is fear of long words or fear of air etc. You should opt Cognitive Behavior therapy as the treatment for your phobia. 

What Cause Acrophobia? 

The Phobia of falling can be caused by the following reasons-

  1. Exposure to the past event – If you possess serious injury from falling down from the large height. The past incidence shows a high percentage to the phobia of falling or phobia of the heights. 
  2. Natural feeling- Some are wise people while some people have little lower of wiseness. The fear from height can be a natural tendency for a human to be fearful of height.  
  3. Genetic – We tend to evolve genetic structure from our parents and grandparents. If they develop such phobia in their life we can also tend to suffer from the same phobia of falling. 

Acrophobia Symptoms

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Acrophobia symptoms differ from person to person the severity of the phobia. 

  • Sweating
  • Shortening of the breathing
  • yelling
  • Anxious
  • Dizziness on ladder
  • Sweating


Q.I’m afraid of height. What is the cause behind it? 

If you were really afraid of height you may probably suffer from vertigo or acrophobia symptoms. You should get to know more about the reason what you are afraid of height. is it a normal thing or any specific phobia behind it etc. You should check the professional in the psych ward for the proper diagnosis. 

Q.What is the fear of height called _? 

Fear of height is called as Acrophobia. It is the condition in which you feel fear from a normal height as well as high height. The person who scared of height is known as an acrophobic person. 

Q.How to get over the fear of roller coaster? 

Do you really enjoy roller coaster rides and not able to enjoy it. What you need to do it do visit a psychiatrist in your nearby area for a proper diagnosis for scared of height and take CBT.

Q. Is Acrophobic person fear of driving over the bridge? 

The answer is yes. Most of the acrophobic people feel fear of driving over the bridge. It is one of the strong symptoms of an acrophobic person. 

Q. What is Fear of Ladder?

The ladder is quite a useful thing in everyday life but when you feel fearful to climb even ladder in the day to day life then you may be scared of height. You should conduct a session from the counsellor for the diagnosis. 

Q. What is the other weird phobia in the world? 

There are dozens of other phobias exist in the world like a phobia of a long word. you may feel the anxiety to read big and large words like hippopotamus etc. 


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