Acousticophobia Definition -Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Acousticophobia: When someone has an extreme sensitivity to sounds along with intense fear is the first symptoms of Acousticophobia. Its synonyms are phonophobia and misophobia. The people who suffer from the acoustic disorder may feel annoyed, anxious, and nervous too when they hear loud noises or extremely loud noises. The world is quite different to everyone while some people like to party in the loud music, loud music is the best friend for some peoples but few of them really annoyed when to listen to the music.

Acousticophobia Definition | Fear of Loud Noises


According to the Dictionary, Acousticophobia definition says that People who own this phobia they feel fear from some specific noise like a doorbell, yelling, etc. Basically, Acousticophobia is the fear of loud noises.

Acoustic is the Greek word which means “Hear” and Phobia is meant by “irrational fear.”

Are You an Annoyed Person Who Have Hatred of Sound?

If you develop such phobia of very loud noises and feel the hatred of sound then you must counsel yourself from mental health specialist in the mental ward and do diagnose yourself. An annoyed person from very loud noises can show deep anxious feelings, and nervous where loud music is present.

When you realize that loud scary noises disrupted your life. Then there is some symptoms of sound phobia i.e Phonophobia.

How to Check Sound Phobia At Home? Acousticophobia Symptoms

There are some symptoms of Sound Phobia which you can check at home-

  • Sweating
  • Rapid Breathing
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Dry Mouth
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Extreme Sensitivity to sounds
  • Fear of loud noises
  • Fear from loud scary noise
  • Hatred of sound
  • Sensitive to sound
  • Hypersensitive to sound
  • Fear from Whistling
  • Fear from yelling

As the sound phobia is a big term it’s not possible to write every noise that acousticophobia person scares off. The symptoms of sound phobia or noise phobia may depend from person to person some person may be hypersensitive to sounds, some may be only sensitive to sounds.

If you doubt yourself for being an Acoustophobic person than you must need counselling from the psychiatrist or psychologist in the psychiatric hospital for proper diagnosis of your problems. You can be recovered from the sound phobia after regular counselling sessions.

How to get rid of Extreme Sensitivity to Sounds?

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Acousticophobia is the hatred of sound i.e very loud noises, specific sounds, etc. An acousticophobia person becomes an annoyed person from noisy persons. The timespan of treatment depends upon the level of the extremeness of phobia in you. In the worst period, it may take up to 1 year for the recovery, at some instant you can recover in a few weeks as well.

The selection of the counselling profession is one of the primary factors of the timespan of treatment. A good counsellor understands your problem soon and can able to reflect the treatment of it.

Acousticophobia Causes

We have covered the symptoms of Acousticophobia. But You may think confused about why do we develop extreme sensitivity to sounds or Why are we become hatred of sounds?

The question lies in these causes:

  1. Protective Mechanism

When we exposed to some past instants of sounds or emotional breakdown then past events become our reason for worries and problems like any loud sound etc.

  1. Genetic

The brain works in the way that it inherits the exact traits from the ancestors. The causes of noise phobia are the same.  If your elder ones, ancestors have developed some kind of phobia of loud noises then it is a high probability that you may effect from the same fear of sounds, etc. The probability to inherit every mental disorder from ancestors is high.

  1. Trauma Attack

When you face some sort of trauma in your life. In most of the cases, people face lots of negative impact on the functioning of the brain. In case of Trauma, you may have a phobia of noises, annoying sounds, loud music, etc.

Acousticophobia Treatment 

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The Acouctophobia treatment is the long process for some patients while a shot process for some psych patient as well. The time span of the treatment depends on the severity of the fear of noises, the expertise of counsellor and willpower of the patient.f

Acousticophobia can be a treat from the counselling session in the psych wards by triggering the set of positive emotions to phobia via shifting of emotions from negative emotions to positive emotions for different sounds.

The minimum time period to get Acoustophobia treatment is one day and maximum time period will depend on the severity, extremeness and counsellor expertise as well.

Acousticophobia Root Words

Acousticophobia root words are two Acoustic and Phobia. Both words evolve from greek. Acoustic is the Greek word which means “Hear” and Phobia is meant by “irrational fear.”

Hear+Irrational Fear = Sound Phobia, fear of loud noises, fear of sudden loud noises, noise phobia, phobia of loud noises, sound phobia, fear of noise.

Acousticophobia facts

The person feels anxious when listening to the sounds either specific sound or loud sound.

There are few facts of the Acousticophobia-

  • It is the fear of sounds
  • It is known as a Sound phobia
  • It is also a phobia of noise
  • You will have a fear of loud noises and very loud noise
  • You will also develop a fear of sudden loud noises
  • It is also called noise phobia
  • You will feel anxious from loud scary noise
  • You won’t ready to listen to annoying sounds at all
  • You will become an annoyed person of noise
  • You will develop a hatred of sound ultimately
  • You may Show extreme sensitivity to sounds
  • You may react hypersensitively to sound


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